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Brandon and Laura came to Palisade from Denver, CO in January of 2018.  The two met on a construction job site in 2015, Brandon was building the homes and Laura was selling them. Their next project, they decided to work together and successfully ran a fix and flip business in Denver for a couple years. Both being entrepreneurs at heart, Brandon and Laura share a love for hard work, travel, good food and wine and the outdoors.


The couple has been fortunate to travel quite a bit together and during a trip to Argentina’s wine region they decided to pursue a new industry and venture. Mesa Park presented itself shortly after their return and the couple decided to jump at the opportunity.  


Brandon and Laura are thrilled to be a part of the growing wine region among the many award winning Palisade Wineries as well as continue with the tradition and cultivate the community surrounding Mesa Park Vineyards. "We want to share our little slice of heaven in beautiful Palisade, CO, with you. So come on by to say hi and grab a glass or a bottle of delicious homegrown Colorado wine! We, along with our bulldog Daryl look forward to meeting you!"


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