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Mesa Park Vineyards

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It was Labor Day Weekend 2008 and Brad when Brooke Webb took off on an innocent wine tasting weekend from Denver to Grand Junction. It  was not their first trip to Colorado wine country, but this jaunt would become a life changer. The trip started innocently enough with a night’s stay in Glenwood Springs before heading off through the mountainous vinelands of Paonia on the way over.

On day three, they set off for Palisade and stumbled upon a winery they’d never found before. That’s when Brad and Brooke met Lydia, a wonderful woman, who was wise and witty. She and her husband, Joe, had been there for 10 years and their son Chris had made the wine. An idyllic red barn stored the wine making equipment and barrels. The Webbs tasted wine and purchased one of everything poured. Very impressive red wine for the valley, they thought.

The farm was for sale, they hardly noticed the sign, but a seed was planted that day.

“Just take a flyer,” Lydia said.

It only took a scenic seven-hour loop home to convince the Webbs to realize their dream of owning a vineyard and winery. It wasn’t terribly difficult to get Brooke’s mother and father on board, either. In 2008, all four went all in on a dream to own a winery.

It’s been a family-run operation since with. Chuck (Brooke’s dad) serving as general manager of the property and winemaker. Patty (Brooke’s mom) runs the tasting room. Brad is the vineyard manager and Brook is an assistant winemaker and handles the sales and marketing.

Sure, they family took a big risk, but it was a welcome one.

The family is focused on creating superior wines, supporting local businesses and strongly supporting the Colorado wine industry.